Muze Hotel Utrecht
A unique concept

Our personal story, the historical building in which the hotel is situated, and the original styling of the rooms makes MUZE into a unique concept. Besides that, we value connection, meeting people and meeting each other. The most beautiful space of the hotel, the ground floor, forms the warm heart of the hotel. In the morning you can enjoy your breakfast here, relax with a coffee in the afternoon, or enjoy a glass of wine in the sunroom overlooking the garden. The space can also be transformed to fit an inspiring work meeting or brainstorm session.

You can relax in the heart of the city.

Who are we?
The story of MUZE Hotel Utrecht: from ruin to hotel!

We are family. Cocky and Paul Barendregt (sister and brother), together with their daughters Bo, Puk and Belle. What connects us, besides family? Our love for the city of Utrecht. We are passionate to make the city even more beautiful and that is why we chose to transform this old, broken-down hotel into a warm and cosy place where everyone feels welcome.

Before MUZE, Parkhotel Eijtinger was situated in this building for 30 years. It had not been running for years when we bought the hotel in 2017. The weeds and plants were growing through the roof and after a heavy storm you were likely to get your feet wet in the basement. Besides the decay, we could see the beauty and potential of the building and felt that this hotel deserved a second chance. This indicated the start of a 3,5 year project: ‘From ruin to Hotel’.

 After buying the house in November of 2017, and a lengthy construction-technical process, the renovations officially started in May of 2019. Our goal was to keep as many of the original characteristics of the building in tact, while also creating a comfortable and modern space. The original stained-glass windows are placed back and the old ornaments on the sealing are still visible, covered in a fresh layer of paint.

In the summer of 2020, MUZE Hotel opened her doors. What started as a leap of faith, lead us to a beautiful journey as a family, and a new hotspot for the city of Utrecht!


Documentary “De MUZE van Utrecht”

Filmmaker and family friend Martin de Vries filmed the entire process of renovating and starting hotel MUZE. In total, he followed our footsteps for 1000 days. The result: a 5-part documentary series titled “De MUZE van Utrecht”.

The series has been broadcasted by RTV Utrecht and can be seen here.

“After the passing of both their life partners, brother and sister Paul and Cocky Barendregt’s sibling-bond grew even stronger. This lead to them buying a decayed city hotel in 2017, together with their three daughters Bo, Puk, and Belle. A huge project for the family which challenges them to overcome hurdles together and occasionally puts their relationships to the test. Through ups and downs, but always motivated by the presence of their lost loved ones, the Barendregt family makes their dream come true.”


Watch the trailer of 'De Muze van Utrecht' here:


At MUZE Hotel, we value sustainability. During the renovation of the hotel, we tried our best to reuse as much of the original materials. We have a sedum roof for better insolation and we make use of city heating. We grow our own fruits and herbs in the garden, which we use to prepare breakfast for our guests. Our choice of shower products, Marie-Stella-Maris, contributes to the availability of clean drink water world-wide. Besides, we use 100% biodegradable coffee cups and organic Clipper tea.

We encourage our guests to also act responsible in terms of sustainability. The smallest acts can help: reuse your towels, turn off the lights when leaving the room and be mindful with water-usage.